August 4, 2014

About CTI

The rapid pace of changes has put a lot of challenges for companies to stay ahead of competition in our global economy. Leveraging technology has been the primary tool for many organizations to be ahead in areas of efficiency, cost, automation and compliance. It is with this landscape that Computrade Technology Philippines Inc. (Computradetech) is formed in Philippines.

The vision of Computradetech is to be the preferred Technology Partner that Philippine companies will turn to in implementing such technologies. Computradetech comes from a rich background of value added distribution experiences through it’s head office based in Indonesia. The HQ operation is located in Jakarta, and our vision is to be a trusted partner to our principals, business partners and end users.

The focus of Computradetech is to provide IT Infrastructure solutions for the Enterprise and Mid Market segment.

Brief History

Beginning 2013, the CTI Group has embarked on an aggressive expansion plan outside of Indonesia and intends to bring the same value to the shores of Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam in the next two years. This is in line with the Group’s vision of being the most preferred regional IT Infrastructure partner to the many brands that it represents presently.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to become the premier regional IT infrastructure solution provider in the Philippines. CTP (Computradetech) aspires to be the be the partner of choice of principal vendors, business partners and corporate end-users for their technology projects.

  • We strive to ensure that our company and people provide our clients the highest quality of products and services
  • We stand out by taking a business-centric approach to IT infrastructure, working with the world’s leading technology brands to design best-of-breed solutions to your business information initiatives
  • Our goal is to have a long term and successful partnership with our clients and principals

Core Values

Our business is guided by our core values and this is ingrained into each and every staff of Computradetech.

Our core values are;


Guided by our company’s vision to become the premier regional IT infrastructure solutions provider, we also intend to be the extended resources of our product principals. We strive to provide our business partners and customers excellent and reliable services through our group of experienced, certified and dedicated engineers. We deliver and make available professional services such as Solution Architecture and Design, Project Management, Implementation, Migration and Support Maintenance for the products and solutions we are representing in the Philippines.

We have developed a step-by-step presales methodology that allows our customers to work seamlessly with us in any business engagement. We understand that any partners, large or small may not necessarily have the in house technical expertise or the time to support all their clients.


As a member of CTI Group, we develop our core competencies in five different functional areas to give us and our partners the competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

Market and Industry Competency

  • We are staffed with the industry veterans with knowledge of the markets, technologies and distribution as well as engaging with end users.
  • Our coverage model ensures that full engagement with all stakeholders in any given projects or transactions will be completed.
  • We will be focused by industry, segmented into FSI, CMG, Government, Education, Manufacturing and Retail distribution.
  • We will also expand our extensive geographic coverage to cover Small Medium Enterprises and Mid – markets.

Technical Competency

  • We believe that our value to the market will be the level of service and support we can provide, whether End users or the Channel eco – system.
  • We believe heavily in investing on technical and sales certification for all our team members, to ensure that our customers are well supported.

Marketing Competency

  • We believe in being an extended arm of our brand principals, therefore the penetration of markets we serve has to be ably supported by a strong marketing engine.
  • We believe in using social media for the right audience, web marketing, as  well as appropriate channel programs such as incentives to drive acceptance in the market.


  • To be able to support the business, the group has self – developed its own Sales Force Pipeline System, Partner Relation Management System, Marketing Management System, as well as its own Knowledge Management System. These systems are tailored – fit to the complexity of the business that standard systems available in the market cannot provide for.

Technology Center Facilities Investment

  • To be able to support the end users as well as the Channel eco – systems, we have invested close to USD 2 million in technologies, to help showcase the newest solutions on the markets.


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