July 20, 2014


Dbvisit develops, sells and supports innovative replication software solutions that move data in real-time from a company’s production Oracle databases to the systems that form the foundation of their decision-making and digital business initiatives. These systems can be in the cloud, hybrid or on-premise. We offer worldwide, world-class support and product training, and our trusted global partner network provides local consulting, implementation and other training services.

With Dbvisit replication solutions, companies can exploit the continuous stream of data that results from the detailed interactions of customers, partners and employees with their organization.

Armed with this real-time streaming data, Dbvisit customers can ensure business continuity when disaster strikes, upgrade to the latest database technology, underpin their digital solutions and services with up-to-date information for effective business decisions, and better understand and predict the motivations and needs of their customers with feeding real-time analytics.

The growth of data and its ability to move and deliver information for competitive advantage and to support efficient operations has never been greater. Dbvisit develops solutions that ensure that an organization’s critical data is available and up-to-date when and where it is needed. Whether this is in the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of both.

Today over 1300 business, academic, and public sector organizations in 110 countries trust Dbvisit products to provide their replication solution.

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