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Defenxor Authorized Distributor Philippines

DNS is a security partner of Computrade Technology Philippines, a holding company that focuses on IT, and is one of the biggest IT Infrastructure Solution Partner in the region with long experience and strong commitment. Our name originates from the word ‘defender’, usually found in soccer as a guard role. It’s also a wordplay on the abbreviation ‘DNS’ which is a common term for Domain Name Service, an essential and unseparable part of the IT and Internet world.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)


To be able to protect your business from today’s threats, typically you need to have the hardware capabilities, the experts to operate it, and policy as the ‘rule of the game’. These holistic approaches (Technology, People and Process) are necessary to achieve the optimum security condition. Professional IT security experts are costly and very hard to find. Moreover, finding and adopting suitable IT security policies and procedures are equally difficult. Moreover, finding and adopting suitable IT security policies and procedures are equally difficult because of several reasons, such as the types of threats that keeps on evolving, resource costs, compatibility issues, and compliance. This painstakingly complex process that often leads to frustration for most businesses does not need to happen

That is why Defenxor Intelligence Managed Security (DIMS) is here for your business. We take away the complexity of managing your security functions. By providing security experts and following industry standard security policies, we also help you in improving your security posture and maximizing your investment in security technology.


  • Advanced Security Operations Center (SoC) to Protect Your Business - Remote monitoring & management of IT security functions even without personnel on-site
  • Remote monitoring & management of IT security functions even without personnel on-site - 24x7x365 security, periodic reporting, and instant alert for threats.
  • Highly Standardized Technology - Technologies that we used have been highly standardized and fully comply with the existing security technologies and requirements.
  • Defenxor Appliances - Defenxor appliance will be installed on the customer’s environment to collect and manage log from various sources. The appliance also has the ability to analyze network packet for detecting any threat and forensic purpose.
  • Defenxor Mobile Application - Android and iOS applications to support your mobility. See reports and security status faster, gain new insights, and communicate with us directly.
  • Bundled Services - DIMS can also be bundled with technologies that are bought from CTI subsidiaries. This will allow our customers to gain an integrated approach in adopting IT security and technology.
  • White-Labelling Support - Our business partners can leverage their security offering by adding an additional managed service for their customers. By doing so, we provide an additional value to our business partners.
  • Additional Services Available - Not only penetration testing, we also provide a comprehensive compromise assessment, and industry certifications, such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27000.

How We Are Different ?

  • DIMS comes with Defenxor Appliances. A suite of appliances developed in-house that provides complete functionalities which enables you to quickly detect and respond to an incident before it harms your environment.
  • The mobile application provides a real-time overview of your business’ protection status and updates everywhere you go and whenever you need it
  • DIMS is backed by globally trusted names in security. We are, in fact, affiliated with CTI Group, one of the biggest IT infrastructure solution partners in the region that has a strong commitment and many experiences.
  • Our core team consists of certified professionals (CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001 LA, ISO 20000 LA, PCI QSA) with an extensive track record in IT security and as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).
  • Established and operated locally. Thus, ensuring the highest level of privacy, as well as giving accessibility and added value.
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