May 8, 2017


Defenxor is providing IT security for businesses that safeguards business assets, by improving their information security levels to higher and acceptable levels. DNS is a security partner of Computrade Technology Indonesia, a holding company that focuses on IT, and is one of the biggest IT Infrastructure Solution Partner in the region with long experience and strong commitment. Our name originates from the word ‘defender’, usually found in soccer as a guard role. It’s also a wordplay on the abbreviation ‘DNS’ which is a common term for Domain Name Service, an essential and unseparable part of the IT and Internet world.

With IT, your business is connected to a global audience of customers. However, threats to the IT system are evolving. Securing your business’s IT requires a great deal of expertise as well as investment. Defenxor takes away the complexity and reduce the cost-of-ownership to deploy a security platform that can ensure that your business is running smoothly, so you can focus more on your bottom line.


Defenxor Intelligence Managed Security (DIMS), Defenxor Intelligence Security Consulting (DISC), Defenxor Intelligence Security Integrator (DISI).

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