Technology Center

IT Infrastructure

CTI provides the latest technology in a heterogeneous platform of IT infrastructure laboratory where business partner and customers may utilize the technology center in all possible simulation ways.

Focusing on Enterprise project-based businesses, CTI group is equipped with adequate facilities, certified sales and technical resources as well as integrated technology center and training room to support Business Partners and customers. CTI Technology Center provides the latest technology in a heterogeneous platform as a showcase of IT infrastructure laboratory.

Business Partners and Customers may utilize the Technology Center in all possible simulation ways for Proof of Concept, trouble shooting, and porting purposes.

CTI commits to train and maintain a qualified workforce in order to continuously build a confident and worry-free relationship between the company and its clients. Each engineer has been sharpened by years of preparation and experience, and possesses the skills that have been internationally certified and recognized by organizations both locally and abroad.

As CTI takes pride in its effective and efficient strategies on how to grow business and develop new ones, CTI is always ready to share its technical know-how with its Business Partners through planned collaborations and integrated activities, so that its Business Partners may have access to same opportunities that may help propel their business beyond boundaries.