Malwarebytes End Point Security

Enterprise grade End point protection for any environment.

Authorized Distributor in the Philippines

Malwarebytes Authorized Distributor Philippines

Malwarebytes is the global standard for advanced malware protection and remediation. Cutting-edge technologies clean up malware that other security products may have missed. But we don’t just remove threats; we prevent them, stopping data breaches before they happen. Intelligent heuristics and behavior-based malware detection power the Malwarebytes engine, protecting corporations, governments, non-profits, and educational institutions from unknown and known threats.

Unique and powerful, Malwarebytes business products deliver the layered defense experts recommend. Advanced malware detection and remediation gives your business the protection it needs to survive in today’s threatscape. Innovative, anti-exploit technology prevents attacks from happening in the first place. Malwarebytes technology shields businesses from the constantly evolving threats that malware poses to corporate systems. From data loss (Cryptolocker ransomware) to network corruption, undetected malware can wreak havoc in every avenue of an organization. Malwarebytes business solutions provide maximum protection while using minimal resources.

"Protects your business when most traditional endpoint solutions can’t.”


  • Best protection against malware
    • Real-time malware protection
    • Advanced exploit protection
    • Malicious website blocking affecting operations
  • Renowned support
    • Free, unlimited email support
    • Expert-run, community-led forums
    • Priority corporate support
    • Paid premium support
  • Lightning fast and lightweight
    • Quick scan detects and removes malware within minutes
    • Light on resources, small footprint
    • Works alongside other security applications
  • Easy to use
    • Automatic updates
    • Scheduled scanning
    • Intuitive interface
  • Management Console
    • Push install functionality
    • Multiple client management (up to thousands from a single console)
    • Comprehensive policies for different user groups
    • Active Directory & SIEM Integration
  • Products and Service
    • Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection
    • Malwarebytes Incident Response
    • Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response

Computrade Technology Philippines, Inc is an Exclusive Distributor of Malwarebytes in the Philippines. Focus on providing awareness to our business partners and client with regards to end point security.

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